‘A life in invention’.

Dr John C. Taylor has over 400 patents to his name – he developed the thermostat of the engine cooling system in E-Type Jaguars in the 1960s, and is currently working on a solar-powered cooker for use in developing countries. However, he is best known for his revolutionary work on kettles.

He invented a bimetallic thermostat for cordless kettles called Otter Gs, which is what ensures your kettle turns off once it starts boiling.

The control is now found on over 1bn kettles globally – about 75 per cent of the world market. In fact, it was Dr John C. Taylor who came up with the cordless kettle in the first place, along with internal filters, and stainless steel elements.

We were delighted to welcome to Dr John C. Taylor to Loretto and most grateful to him for delivering a most fascinating Sixth Form Lecture – ‘A life in invention’.

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