A week at Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre.

3rd Form (Year 8) pupil, Ushika has returned from a Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre as part of her prestigious Pushkin Prize. She spent a week perfecting her writing skills by working with some highly esteemed writers and other Pushkin Prize winners.

Below are two of Ushika’s poems written during her week at Moniack Mhor;



The most captivating

blanket out there,

speckled with

glitter as the sun hits

it with its rays.

A blinding sight, seared

into my vision.

Vague outlines of


and hills,

overpowered by this

chilling sight.

And yet

despite its

perfection I yearn

to feel its crunch as it

gives way beneath my feet.



After Pablo Neruda

Perhaps a faulty mirror? No –

We are the finest of reds,

shined till we combust

with our own sparkle. Yet

before us lies

a puddle of rich crimson.

Not a ruby, but

so like a ruby, a liquid

gem, pure and sweet.

Though unable to be hung

around necks, or twisted around fingers,

they are consumed, a fire; a new blood

in the bodies of humans. This presence,

not rare like ours, drowns

in its beauty, thrives

in its beauty. And although

we are precious, so little, our awe

makes the juice of these pomegranates, humble in their mass,

blush even redder.

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