Excellent, highly skilled and experienced

Throughout the Junior School, all children are taught by excellent, highly skilled and experienced teachers. The role of the class teacher is central to the education of every child and every teacher strives to meet the needs and abilities of all children in their care.

Loretto engenders confidence and tenacity

Our classes are small, so promote a classroom climate which encourages children to develop self-confidence and resilience. Teachers aim to meet the different needs and abilities of all pupils. Modern teaching methods and resources are integrated with more traditional educational values. Children are taught in a balance of ways - individually, in groups and as a whole class, and learning is active, co-operative and collaborative. From Pre-School onwards, our pupils are taught by specialist teachers in Modern Languages, Music, Physical Education, and Art.

The Junior School provides a clear and progressive curriculum, which enables young people to become successful, independent, responsible, caring and confident.

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