Loretto Junior School provides a full and varied programme of optional activities for our pupils from 5 to 12 years old.

The Early Years can participate in optional activities from 15:15 to 16:00 five afternoons a week. There are around 20 different activities on offer each term.

Years 4 to 7 children can participate in the Activities Programme during the week, and in addition, two optional activity sessions on Saturday mornings. There are around 40 different activities in total each term. These activities are changed on a termly basis. The flexibility of our school day allows parents to collect children after lessons, activities, prep or tea.

Catering for all Interests

We try to cater for all interests every afternoon by having a mix of sporting, craft, music, language and quiet time activities, as illustrated below.

We also offer the option of a prep session for those pupils who wish to do their prep before going home at 17:00. We encourage our pupils to try an activity they have never attempted before, whilst also improving on the activities that they already love to take part in.

Click here to see a list of activities per year group and term.


Icons from the Noun Project and created by (left to right, top to bottom): ORIMAT; sofi; maspao; Smalllike; Creative Stall; Flatart; Davis Gladis; Ayub Irawan; Guilherme Schmitt; Vectorstaff; i cons; Adrien Coquet; Quie_Boys; Smalllike; Icons Producer; Adrien Coquet; Arielle Selzer; alvianwijaya; gayatri; Prime Icons; Mata Sapi; Adrien Coquet; Alfatehah; public domain; priyanka; David Gomez; Mohamed Mbarki; ProSymbols; lastspark; Sandhi Priyasmoro; Pham Duy Phuong Hung; Pravin Unagar; Hea Poh Lin; Adrien Coquet; Alice Design; Davide Dosse Dossena; Graphic Enginer; John O’Shea; Vectors Market; Dwi Fitri Maharani; richad; Adrien Coquet; Alex Tai; Maxim Kulikov; Made by Made; taamir 468; awabsky; Hea Poh Lin; Tommy Lau

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