Loretto – UK’s finest boarding school

Founded in 1827, Loretto School is one of the top UK boarding schools for boys and girls aged 0-18. The school is set in 85 acres of leafy campus just outside Edinburgh, Scotland and is home to the Loretto Golf Academy.

Our rounded approach is really what sets us apart. From day one, Loretto’s founders were dedicated to blending academic excellence with a wealth of experiences beyond the classroom. By helping boys and girls to excel in mind, body and spirit, we aim to help them unlock and fully realise their true potential. Today’s staff and pupils are living proof of the clear benefits offered by that ethos.

Private UK boarding school

Boarding and day pupils join from 12 years and there is a strong preparatory school entry at 13 years and Sixth Form entry at 16 years. Loretto Senior School is made up of around 400 boys and girls and about 70% of these pupils choose to board as Loretto's reputation for being one of the best Scottish private schools is well known.

Our facilities are second to none and not only do we reside in a beautiful environment we also are well known for developing serious sportsmen and women.

Loretto School is viewed as one of the top independent schools in Scotland and the admissions procedure aims to ensure that boys and girls who join Loretto are able to be happy, successful and secure within its academic, cultural and pastoral environment, whether they are boarders or day pupils.

Loretto School curriculum

Teaching at Loretto centres on the individual and encourages pupils to study independently, learn at their own pace and to think for themselves – a vital preparation for university. The central curriculum is supported by a wide variety of academic and cultural activities. The enormous range of activities offered away from the classroom ensures that each pupil can grow and develop wherever their interests and talents may lie. The school’s achievements in music, art and drama, dance and its outstanding reputation in sporting endeavours – rugby, hockey, cricket, lacrosse and golf to name just a few – are testament to why we are one of the most famous Scottish boarding schools.

History of Loretto boarding and day school

It is claimed that Loretto is the oldest boarding school in Scotland and if not the oldest boarding school then certainly the one that has lasted the longest. Boarding began in 1827 under the reigns of Thomas Langhome who originally came to Musselburgh in 1820.

Our principles still remain the same and as Hely Hutchinson Almond (the then Head) wrote on his death bed, "I don't care for Loretto being the strongest and cleverest School, I want it to be the most rational and best". Hely put a huge focus on the all round education and well being of his students and flourished at our boarding school between 1862 and 1903.


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