Means-tested Bursaries form the major part of fee assistance offered by Loretto. Bursaries are limited and are intended to help those pupils likely to gain from an education at Loretto and who will contribute well to the life of the school, but whose parents cannot afford the full fees. Our bursary approach is one of moving forward in partnership and openness between the family and Loretto. As of January 2014 up to 105% of fees are available as a bursary. The deadline for submitting all future bursary applications is 1st November in the year preceding entry.

Eligibility for Bursaries

There are normally three categories of Bursary applicants:

  1. Parents of applicants whose children are not currently at Loretto, who wish to apply for financial assistance.
  2. Parents of Sixth Form applicants for entry, who in the view of their school and of Loretto, would gain from two years at Loretto and contribute well to the life of the school, and need some assistance with the fees.
  3. Parents whose child is already at Loretto and who have suffered an adverse change in their circumstances.

Armed Forces Bursary

Children of parents serving in the Armed Forces are eligible for a 15% bursary on each child. Sibling discounts are offered in addition to the 15% Armed Forces bursary. Scholarships and additional bursary support can also be applied for. Any additional bursary, however, would take existing discounts into consideration