Committee Members

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Name Year Nominated to Committee Year Rep Supported House in Bold Year Group of children at the School
Claire Smith (Chair) 2012, re-elected 2013, 2015   Schoolhouse F4
Caroline Pearson (Vice-Chair) 2015 F4 Seton F4
Louisa Gardiner 2013, re-elected 2015   Balcarres L6
Jojo Taylor 2013, re-elected 2015 F2 Schoolhouse, Balcarres F2, F4,L6
Catriona Bancroft 2014, re-elect 2016 U6 Balcarres U6
Kim Dalland 2014, re-elect 2016   Hope, Seton F4,L6
Anna Smaill 2014, re-elect 2016 L6 Balcarres L6
Tim McCreath (Governor representative)        
Kate Borsi 2015 F3 Schoolhouse F3, F5,U6
Hazel Crawford 2015   Holm, Balcarres F4,L6
Suzanne Macandrew 2015   Eleanora Almond L6
Ally McNutt 2015   Hope, Schoolhouse F3,F4,U6
Jim Pike 2015 F5 Schoolhouse F5
Julie Thompson 2015   Hope U6
Crawford Elrick 2016   Pinkie L6
Fran McGhie 2016   Schoolhouse, Hope F3, L6
Nikki Myles 2016   Hope L6
Yanthe Harper 2016   Schoolhouse F4