Computer Science

In 2nd and 3rd Forms (Years 8 and 9),  pupils follow the Key Stage 3 Computer Science curriculum. Topics studied include internet safety, the history of computing, computer hardware and software, computational thinking and web design using html. The Scratch website provides an excellent introduction to programming; pupils create games that use sophisticated programming concepts such as selection and iteration.  Pupils are also given a brief introduction to the Python programming language.  Python is a popular and powerful, high-level programming language which is studied further in the GCSE and A level Computer Science courses.

Online resources such as Quizlet, BBC Bitesize and Codecademy are used to help pupils revise topics covered in class.

Pupils develop ICT skills (using Word, Excel and Powerpoint) by working on projects in class, such as creating posters and presentations.

By following the Key Stage 3 Computer Science curriculum, the pupils are well prepared to start the Computer Science course at GCSE in the 4th Form (Year 10).

In 4th and 5th Forms (Years 10 and 11), pupils study the Edexcel GCSE course in Computer Science. The course is intended to develop students’ understanding of the principles of computer science and their ability to apply computational thinking to problem solving.