English is taught at Loretto in ways that allow our pupils to make real sense of language generally and to make the best use of their language, according to purpose and audience. It matters to us that they get it 'right' as they choose between formally determined requirements and others, less regulated, no less significant: spoken, dramatic, electronic. It matters that they learn to read and write English that is more expert and more powerful than their own. It matters that they read old and new books and that they become self-directed, independent readers, well able to value and to articulate what they understand or would question. At present there are three full-time teachers of English and three with part timetables. Two of us also teach Drama, to GCSE, and Theatre Studies in the Sixth Form. We teach in cheerful, 'lived-in' classrooms with lots of books in them. The rooms are networked and have SMART interactive whiteboards. Drama teaching uses studio and theatre space when required.