Exercise White Endeavour 2017.

An early start in the School grounds saw Loretto CCF Cadets carrying out final kit checks under the watchful eye of second lieutenants Barker and Phillips.  

Once completed, the Cadets boarded the transport and headed out to the Dreghorn and Castlelaw Training Area.  The day consisted of many different lessons including how to occupy a patrol harbour and finished with a noise and light demonstration at around 2300hrs.

Sunday morning saw the Cadets being woken up bright and early by the Lothian and Boarders Army Cadets carrying out harbour defence drills further down the wood line!

Following breakfast and the morning routine, the exercise was finished off by the senior Cadets giving a demonstration of a section attack.

The exercise was a great success with many Cadets being taken out of their comfort zone. They all worked hard and returned to School happy, satisfied and very tired.


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