Explorer and adventurer, Natalia Cohen, inspires.

The explorer and adventurer, Natalia Cohen spoke with the Sixth Form about her accomplishment of being the first all-female team (the Coxless Crew) to row nine moths across the Pacific Ocean.

Her personal approach and keen interest in helping others discover their own abilities shone through at all times, particularly as she wove together her own highs and lows on the trip with strategies for enduring our own challenges.  She stressed the need to develop trust in others, to expect and respond positively to difficulties, and to engage fully with those around us.  Pupils asked several questions about the trip, her stories about Eduardo the shark, cramped conditions and moon-bows were very memorable. 

Information about Natalia’s adventures and ideas can be found at https://www.eyeofthenomad.com/. Her Coxless Crew set two world records and were the first all-female team, and the first ever fours boat, to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. The funds raised by the crew went to Breast Cancer Care, and women injured at war with Walking With The Wounded.

We are most grateful to Mr Stuart for organising Natalia Cohen's visit to Loretto School.


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