French Exchange 2017

This year’s French Exchange was with a different school, and came about following an email from Mathieu Leroux (French assistant at Loretto in 2003) enquiring about the possibility of an exchange with his new school, the Lycée Jean Macé in Rennes. 

Loretto pupils welcomed 13 French pupils in March, and then spent the first week of the Easter holiday in Rennes, Britanny, for the return visit. During their week in France, the Loretto group enjoyed time spent exploring some of Britanny’s finest attractions, including the Mont St Michel, St Malo, Dinard and Rennes itself. The weekend was spent en famille, with visits to crêperies, the beautiful town of Dinan, the Rennes – Lyon football match, and time spent sand-yachting all on the agenda for Loretto pupils. The main purpose of the trip is linguistic though, and French classes provided by a local language school each morning, and plenty of opportunities throughout the week for conversation in French with partners and their families will have given our pupils every chance to progress in this area. All agreed by the end that it had been a fun, and from a French language point of view, very worthwhile week. Several of those who took part are already planning meeting up with their partners in the summer.

We hope to repeat the trip in 2018, for any 4th, 5th and 6th formers interested in taking part.

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