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To train or not to train? 

With the traditional golf season just weeks away we are in unprecedented times with the cancellation of golf championships across the globe. What makes it difficult is that are so many unknowns, especially when we don’t know when the season will start or what the calendar will look like when we get going. The good news is that we will play Golf again.

The big question is, what do you do now? It would very easy to switch off and who could blame you. You have trained hard over the winter only to have the disappointment just weeks before you are meant to shine.

I see this as an opportunity to get ahead. Lots of your peers will switch off, lose focus, reduce their training intensity and volume, meaning when the season begins they will probably make a slow start. For many of you with the pressures of balancing exams and competition, the pressure is reduced. If you prioritise your revision over the next few weeks you won’t have lost anything and you could well put yourself in a great position with the right amount of dedication.

How to adjust your training

Whilst it is disappointing that your events have been cancelled it will have an impact on your plans. This is inconvenient, but the good news is that your training can always be adjusted. Just like an event being cancelled, so can your training.

Depending on the priority of your event you should plan and adjust your training accordingly. You will need to go month by month and creating new timelines leading up to your first competition. Look at the variables you will face in the competition, plan and move forward.

The next period of training

The next period provides a chance to complete a phase of maintenance. This maintenance block focuses on keeping your fundamentals sharp cutting back the volume and targeting quality sessions with the attention on detail. You may also take time to reflect on what has been going well and what areas still need attention.

Planning for the future 

Whilst we cannot see into the future, it is possible that your next priority event may be in the summer. Being months away it will be difficult to stay motivated and sharp. I would advise you to revisit your tournament schedule and decide what your priorities may be. Thinking long term, you could use this period to reduce your handicap in club events to prepare for future entries into competitions next year.

If you chose to stick with the original plan think about the skill you will need to compete. For example, If you were going to run a marathon you need to find out how far the run would be. Next you might think about how far you can actually run, how fast you can run and the terrain you may face. Returning to Golf, specificity is the key. Plan sessions that address the strengths you want to build and the weaknesses you want to address.


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