Ged Woolley

CCF Contingent Commander, Rugby/Basketball Coach

Ged joined the Army on the 06th April 1997 and attended the Army Training Regiment Winchester. After finishing the recruit training course, he moved to the home of the Royal Armoured Corps, The Armoured Training Centre Bovington. Here he completed the he qualified as a signaller and driver of the challenger 1 Main Battle Tank.

Ged then joined his Regiment, the 1st Royal Tank Regiment, in Paderborn (Germany). Whilst serving in Germany he was deployed to Cyprus and Poland in various roles. Upon returning to the UK his Regiment rerolled. A Squadron moved to Warminster to become the Combined Arms Demonstration Squadron (CATC) and the remainder moved to RAF Honnington to form the UKs Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment.

Having served with both units in different roles and in different locations all over the world, Ged spent his last three years working for 51 Brigade Scotland as part of the Cadet Training Team (CTT). Mr Woolley worked at several schools in both Edinburgh and Glasgow through the CTT, he retired from the Army in December 2013 and joined the staff at Loretto in September 2014.

Whilst serving in the Army, Ged represented his Squadron, Regiment and Corps in the Fields of downhill skiing, basketball and rugby. He has been a member of the sports department since 2014 heading up Loretto’s basketball development and coaching various rugby teams, currently the under 16s.