Golf Testimonials

“The Loretto Golf Academy ensures that I receive support from professional coaches in all golf disciplines: swing techniques and strategy, fitness and mental strength.The learning segments are combined in an excellent way: to practice the game as much as possible, but also keep up with the academics at the same time.The Loretto Golf Academy can be described with four words: ‘practice like a champion’!”
Maximilian Walz, Lower Sixth, Germany.


“The golf academy at Loretto has enabled me to work on every aspect of my game and allowed me to improve in all areas.The facilities are great and the standard is high with competition for places in the team very strong indeed.”
Lesley Atkins, Fourth Form, Scotland.


“My three years in the golf academy were an unforgettable experience. I had the chance to receive training from top coaches and practice with talented students from all over the world. It has taken my game to the next level.”
Maria Petrova, Upper Sixth, Russia.


“The Golf Academy is the perfect place for a motivated, aspiring golfer to play in regular competitive golf tournaments and receive high quality coaching.”
Lewis Gregory, Upper Sixth, Loretto Golf Captain 2009/2010 England.


“Loretto Golf Academy has pushed me to succeed in golf. The competition level is high and the squads are full of talented players.”
Tom Scott, Lower Sixth, Hong Kong.