Head's Welcome

A warm welcome to Loretto Junior School

The first thing you notice when you step onto the campus of Loretto Junior School is the warmth, energy and positivity of both children and staff. That is because the relationships between them are marked by kindness, care and respect. With these values underlying what we do together, children are emboldened to be ambitious and creative, exploring their learning in real depth and pushing themselves to excel in a wide variety of pursuits.

We do not just teach subjects, we nurture the whole child – mind, body and spirit. Classroom learning is marked by as much attention to how you learn as what you learn, recognising that for children to reach their potential, they need to learn habits of mind that sustain their curiosity, build their resilience and lead to increasing confidence as they grow. As well as holding onto the strengths of a curriculum that draws out the best possible standards across a wide range of traditional subjects, we also embrace modern methods and innovative approaches. Therefore, we consciously develop high quality collaborative learning, foster open-ended problem solving, use philosophical enquiries to hone children’s thinking skills and push forward with the use of technology to enhance learning. In all of these pursuits, we are preparing children for the complex, fast-changing world that they will inhabit on leaving school – you’re never too young to start!

We provide an exceptionally rich learning environment. The extensive grounds and green spaces foster exploration and discovery whether during playtimes or in Forest School sessions. In various purpose built spaces on campus – including our Golf Academy – children can develop sporting excellence. Indoors, we not only have bright classrooms but dedicated spaces for Art, Science and Music where young people can really absorb themselves in creative endeavours. An extensive programme of after school activities offers great enrichment to our curriculum while giving busy, working parents much needed space.

I am committed to developing Loretto Junior School as a place where children can confidently grow as unique individuals, nurtured in small classes to discover their talents and use them to the full. If you want to know what Loretto Junior School can do for your child come and visit us.

Head of Junior School