History and Politics

‘Study the past if you would define the future’ Confucius

The study of these intertwined subjects is of an ever increasing importance in our tumultuous world. History is compulsory in the 2nd and 3rd Form, then available as a GCSE (Edexcel) and A Level (OCR). The Department seeks to foster a genuine spirit of enquiry amongst students by centring our studies on the historical concepts of cause and consequence, similarity and difference, change and continuity, significance, evidence and interpretations. Students of History will develop vital and sought-after skills: the ability to absorb and analyse information, detect bias, construct logical, evidence-based arguments and write under pressure. 

Politics is taught in the 6th form as an A Level (Edexcel). Students leave their A Level course with a thorough grounding in the practical mechanisms of the British government, political philosophy and international relations. This subject is ideal for anyone looking to study IR, PPE, Philosophy or History at university, or indeed anyone who wants to understand how our international and domestic political systems work.

The History and Politics Department has an excellent record of public examination success. Each year a good number of pupils go on to study the subjects at top universities. In addition, former students are active at the highest levels in the spheres of History and Politics. Loretto boasts a number of household political names, and a former student - Dr Clare Jackson - lectures in History at Cambridge University.