Keith Grant

Teacher of Chemistry, House Assistant - Pinkie

Keith gained his BSc(Hons) degree at the University of Edinburgh and then carried out his PhD on asymmetric synthesis under Dr. Ian Gosney.  Following his studies, he worked for Chiroscience in Cambridge and then returned to The University of Edinburgh to take up a three year postdoctoral research associate post.

After a further three year postdoctoral post which included studying the effects of mobile phone microwaves on the structure of proteins in the brain, and a period in preclinical laboratory analysis, Keith carried out his PGDE in secondary education at Moray House.  He taught for eight years at St. David's High School in Dalkeith and more recently for three years at Clifton Hall School in Newbridge, which included some primary school teaching.  He also achieved chartered science teacher status through the Royal Society of Chemistry at this school.

In May 2017, Keith arrived at Loretto School where he has been using his experiences in industry in his senior school teaching in addition to his primary school experience to teach the Year 7 classes at the Junior School.