Loretto School - an educated choice.

We are proud to have been featured in last weekend's editions of The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and The Sunday Times.

A number of topics were covered and below are just some of the plaudits and extracts from interviews.

*On choice;

"Loretto is able to offer children a wide variety of different academic subjects and activities, whether that's sport, music art or drama."

"Often there is a choice of qualifications, so at Loretto it's GCSE and A level but they are introducing a couple of BTECs this year. Last year Loretto introduced the Extended Project Qualification. The school is able to be independent and choose the best qualifications that they think are going to be appropriate for children."

"Some schools specialise in a particular sport, for example Loretto has a state-of-the-art indoor golf centre."

*On modern language skills giving pupils an edge in the workplace;

"Loretto School sees 20 pupils a year sit A level exams in modern languages - no mean feat for year groups of between 60-80. The school also works to 'get the pupils out of their linguistic comfort zone' by taking them abroad on home-stay trips, while exchanges remain a vital part of the school year."

"There is also engagement with technology that segues textbook-style learning with on-line material - something that has helped homework packages become a thing of 'genuine enjoyment'. Vocabulary is learnt and practised using the excellent website and app, Quizlet Live, and grammar regularly reinforced with games of Kahoot! Pupils of all ages love using their devices for learning and getting competitive with their classmates."

*On embracing the digital dimension;

"This term, Loretto will be formally introducing a 'BYOD' (bring your own device) scheme. We will be putting a great emphasis on the delivery of this digital content in our classrooms."

"It is the world in which our teenagers are growing up in and they communicate and work digitally, so it is entirely appropriate that we maximise what we can deliver with those sorts of platforms. There is a lot of really brilliant educational content that is available and we are keen to ensure that all children have access to that."

*On boarding and pastoral care;

"We believe that happy children are who thrive inside and outside the classroom so pastoral care underpins everything that we do. All of our children have a personal tutor who sees them every day. Children are also in houses, and that is true of day children as well as boarders."

"For boarders, the importance of the housemaster of housemistress is probably even greater than in a day house because, in a sense, they are surrogate parents."

"Loretto prides itself on the small size of its boarding houses , which are typically home to 35-40 children. The size of our school means that our pastoral care is strong. In a small school we are able to know the children well. All our teachers will see children in the classroom, on the sports field and in the concert hall, and we all have a role to play in keeping our finger on the pulse."

*On equipping pupils with skills for the next step after school;

"At Loretto in Musselburgh, a work experience programme is introduced in the Sixth Form, with local contacts and parents making placements possible."

"We have a new head of Economics and Business who has set up a social enterprise activity. For those children involved, it's a wonderful way of learning entrepreneurship,  which is one of the BTECs we are introducing in the Sixth Form. We see it as hugely important for current teenagers that the opportunities are there to start their own business. The need in the country for wealth creators is significant."

"Loretto's applications team not only prepared pupils for university entrance, but for whatever they plan to do next. Increasingly, we will see more children going straight into apprenticeship with companies like KMPG and some of the banks which offer those already."

"One of the ways that we will continue to prepare our children is to help them build their CVs because that is one of the first points of contact with the workplaces or universities will have with (them)."

"Pupils are taught that the crux of work experience is to fine tune the application process, with particular attention given to writing letters of application, honing CVs and approaching companies."

"The school has found that one of the most effective ways to show its young charges how to make decisions about life after school is through conversations with alumni who can share their experiences first hand. For the Fifth Form careers day in June, former Loretto School pupils are invited to talk to present pupils about university and work so that they can see where different interests might lead."

*On alumni networks;

"Global alumni networks keep school communities alive the world with events and newsletter. (Loretto is) a small school and the school wants the children to feel part of a wider family  - and families stay together for life. They are always part of the family and we love having then back at the school."

(Further press and media enquiries, please contact Mr Jonathan Hewat, Director of Communications - E: jhewat@loretto.com)

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