Loretto’s five Oxbridge offers.

Five Lorettonians have received offers to study at Cambridge and Oxford.

The pupils, including one former pupil (OL), are set to study a broad range of subjects, with the offers as follows:

Oxford :

Jonny Cunningham, Engineering (Brasenose).

Daniel Dalland, Mathematics (Magdalen).

Lachlann Hinley, History (St John’s).

Cambridge :

Robert Ogilvy, Engineering (Emmanuel).

Yale Pan, Mathematics (Homerton).

Obtaining an offer of a place from Oxford and Cambridge is never easy. To get to that point requires a huge investment of energy and intellectual commitment over a long period of time. The Lorettonians who have been offered places deserve huge congratulations, just as those several who aimed high and put in the effort for a different result also deserve praise. This year has been very strong on the Oxbridge front and all those involved in the process - pupils and staff - have given the Loretto community much to be proud of. Only the very brightest and most highly qualified apply, yet applications still outnumber available places by five to one.

The photographs show the five Lorettonians who have received Oxbridge offers along with Mrs Helen Day, Head of Higher Education and Mrs Johanna Prior, Higher Education Advisor.

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