'Monet and Architecture'.

On Monday evening Professor Richard Thomson  entertained 6th Form Art Historians, Artists, members of staff and visitors with his engaging  lecture on ‘Monet and Architecture’: the subject of the exhibition he is organising at the National Gallery in London. 

The wide audience was fascinated by descriptions of Monet’s representation of both picturesque and contemporary buildings in Paris, the south of France, the Italian Riviera, the Thames and finally the Grand Canal in Venice. 

Professor Thomson revealed how Monet should not just be known for his paintings of landscapes and waterlilies, but recognised for painting history and  the contemporary, signified by architecture in his works. He certainly achieved this with his vivid and informative survey of Monet’s prolific career and inspired us all to visit the National Gallery when the exhibition ‘Monet and Architecture’ opens in April 2018.

Monet1 Monet2 Monet3

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