Welcome to New Families

Under normal circumstances we would have been able to meet you at events organised by the School, on the side of a pitch, at a concert, show or event but at the moment this isn’t possible. However, we would love to meet you to introduce you to other parents, help your family settle in and feel part of the Loretto family. We will be in touch to arrange a walk or coffee via your year group reps.

The Greek Night

The event has been postponed due to the coronavirus restrictions on social gatherings, we can refund your tickets if you get in touch to We would love to host this event as soon as we are allowed to and we will keep you informed.

The Haggis Hop

The inspiration behind the lovely event on Saturday 11th January was for as many Loretto families as possible to learn the Reel of the 51st Highland division because Lieutenant Jimmy Atkinson of the 7th Arglls and a former Lorettonian created and originated the dance whilst he was a prisoner of war following capture at the Battle of Dunkirk in 1940.

His idea of a reel with a Saint Andrew′s Cross in its key formation was intended to symbolise Scotland and the Highland Division, in adversity. Atkinson's letter home with instructions for the dance was intercepted by the German security service, the Abwehr, who spent the rest of the war trying to break the code. However, another version of the dance reached Scotland where it was published while Atkinson was still a POW and became instantly popular.

So, the Friends of Loretto team decorated Linkfield Hall (the CCF and Pipe band building) with lots of tartan bunting, fairy lights and candles and pulled together a team of dance experts, an accordion player and booked a local caterer. Lots of laughter, patience from our instructors, toes being trodden on, spinning kilts, clapping, giggling and fun ensued and the whole room was a blur of spinning bodies and we now have some confident 51st Reelers.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along, for our young pipers Charlie, Harry and Benji, Stuart on the accordion, Ben, Isla, Mark, Jamie, Chris and Emily for the expert tuition, Angela, Alan and Stevie for helping set up the Hall and Barbarella Beets who served wonderful food all night. Well done to The Kinloch Andersons for supplying all the tartan off cuts for Lizzie’s amazing bunting and a big thank you to the FOL team.

We are planning to give any money raised to The Loretto Pipe Band to buy branded travel bags for all their kit as they fly the flag for the school from Edinburgh to Lords and locally.

To see more pictures of the event, please check our Facebook post, and click here for a short video.

Our next event big is Greek Night on March 21st so look out for information and please come along!


Merry Christmas from the Friends of Loretto x

Thanks so much for coming along to our Christmas coffee on Friday 6 December 2019 and having a go at making a seasonal pomander and an aromatherapy roller. Sonia Lee and Lizzie MacRae our creative experts helped us enjoy a festive morning and a big thank you to Mint Fig for supplying delicious mince pies. See more on Facebook.

Also, it was so nice to see so many parents at Lana Thai our local Musselburgh restaurant while the children enjoyed their Christmas Feasts, the food was delicious and it was a lovely chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Remember to get your Haggis Hop tickets: on sale on Friday 13th before chapel in the Red Hall

Dates for your diary:

  • Haggis Hop 11th January 2020
  • Greek Night 21st March 2020


Scottish Borders parents gathering

Nicola Peddie from the FOL organised a lovely gathering for Loretto’s Scottish Borders parents on Friday 27 November 2019 at The Buccleuch Arms in St Boswells. 28 folk had a fun, social time in the Boardroom and there was a festive buzz with chatter around the Christmas tree. The food was excellent and families are looking forward to meeting up at the Christmas coffee, Haggis Hop and the next Borders gathering.


Mobile Phone Policy Focus group

On the 22nd of November 2019, a focus group was invited to join Dr Hawley to discuss mobile phone use at school following lots of discussion amongst parents & in the media.

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We help Keep Scotland Beautiful on World Oceans day

On Saturday 8 June 2019, the Friends of Loretto volunteers set off to Keep Scotland Beautiful on World Oceans day. Bin bags and tongs at the ready, the group went on a 'Litter Pick Walk' and filled 11 large bags.

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A successful first evening event

The Friends of Loretto hosted their first evening event on Friday 26 April 2019 in the Senior School's Red Hall and welcomed about 80 competitors.

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Litter Pick Walk
Quiz Night