Our approach

Loretto's ethos spans the whole School, we nurture the whole child – mind, body and spirit. Our Junior School is a place where children happily and confidently grow as unique individuals, nurtured in small classes to discover their talents, and use them to the full.

Our Pre-School and Early Years Department allow children to develop a love of learning. Our strong curriculum draws out the best possible standards across a wide range of traditional subjects We embrace modern methods and innovative approaches, and consciously develop high quality collaborative learning. Fostering open-ended problem solving, we use philosophical enquiries to hone children’s thinking skills. In all of these pursuits, we cultivate children's natural curiosity through fun and engaging learning and activities

Carefully assessing each child’s progress plays a key role in our approach to teaching, and we closely involve parents to support children’s learning. We work in partnership with families, and share children’s achievements through learning journals, individual meetings, and with regular written reports.

Our Junior School provides an exceptionally rich learning environment. The extensive grounds and green spaces foster exploration and discovery, during playtimes or in Forest School sessions. In various purpose built spaces on campus, children can develop sporting excellence – whether it be in rugby, netball, hockey, rounders, golf, football or athletics. Indoors, we not only have bright classrooms but dedicated spaces for art, science and music where young people can be truly absorbed in creative endeavours. An extensive programme of after school activities offers great enrichment to our curriculum whilst offering busy, working parents much needed space.

We are a small school and, when joining Loretto, children and their families become part of a close-knit community, where relationships are based on a blend of informality, trust and mutual respect.

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