Our mission as a Pre-School

At Loretto, we believe that each child has a unique potential, and our mission is to enable them to achieve it to the fullest.

Our priority is that all children feel happy, secure and valued. We provide a safe, enjoyable, welcoming environment, whilst at the same time enough structure to address each child’s needs, and closely assess their progress. By involving parents in every step of their child’s learning journey, we can understand better children’s individual needs, interest and natural talents, and give them unmatched opportunities to develop as a whole person.

Our curriculum is precisely designed, and stimulating resources carefully selected, to encourage the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of each child, as well as their ability to work in a group, and as part of a team. Life at Pre-School promotes children growing independence, confidence and resilience, preparing them for a fulfilling life.

'Safe within the school’s grounds, and with a wide range of bespoke facilities, the education provided by the Pre-School is the perfect introduction to the rich curriculum offered by Loretto from Year One and beyond.' – Mr. Andrew L. Dickenson, Head of Junior School