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The Parents’ Association

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The Parents’ Association came into existence in 2012, the aim being to form a vehicle that could both support new parents and be a voice for the collective views of the parent body within school. 

The Committee is made up of up to 20 representatives from the parent body with each House and year group being represented.  Committee members are nominated either through their respective Housemaster/Mistress or through nominations from the whole parent body or the Committee, each member generally stands for a 2 year period but can be re-elected to serve a longer term.

The role of the Committee is -

  • To foster relationships between governors, staff, parents and others associated with the school.
  • To communicate parental views to both the Staff and Governors.
  • To engage in activities which support the school and the education of its pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for parents to meet socially.
  • To offer help and advice to new parents and welcome them into the school community.
  • To ensure that there is both year group and house liaison between parents.
  • To ensure housemaster/mistress, house associated Governor and PA House representatives meet each term.
  • To offer help and support to the Headmaster and his staff at school events such as Open Days.
  • To organise and circulate year group Parental Contact Lists.
  • To gather and feedback parental concerns, comments and ideas.
  • To act as a sounding board for changes within school as articulated by the Headmaster.
  • To keep the parental body informed through both word of mouth and the publishing of the agreed minutes on the secure section of the website.

The Committee has a Chair and a Vice Chair and has formal meetings at least once a term.  The Headmaster or Senior Management staff and a Governor Representative are always invited in order to give a Staff and Governor perspective to issues.  The meetings work to a pre-circulated Agenda and any parent can make contact with a representative to request that a topic be discussed.  Any issue should be owned by a committee member and needs a pre-circulated supporting paper.  The Chair will be responsible for the make-up of the Agenda.

In the Parent Association section of the Secure Area, of the website, you can find agendas, formal minutes and Parent Association Activities.