Religious Studies

Religious Studies is accessible and relevant to all; whether or not a person considers themselves to be religious, the contemporary topics studied within RS are central in our ever changing world. In RS we cover the six main world religions alongside non-religious viewpoints; pupils are given the opportunity not only to learn about religion but also to contemplate ultimate questions and discuss ethical dilemmas. Studying RS is essential for pupils to gain a greater understanding of cultures both within their own community and across the world. By pupils learning about religion in an engaging way, they become more tolerant and understanding to different viewpoints, whilst also developing their own beliefs.

In F2 and F3 pupils study a range of different religions; this allows them to understand cultures and religions that they will come into contact with throughout their life. By the end of F3, we expect pupils to have a holistic approach of the main religions. We also study a philosophy topic on the problem of evil and an ethics topic on crime and punishment.

In F4 pupils are given the opportunity to study Religious Studies at GCSE (AQA) focusing specifically on Christianity and Buddhism, whilst exploring a range of ethical and philosophical topics. At A Level (OCR), pupils further their theological inquiry in Christianity and study Philosophy and Ethics at an academic level.

Students are taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff and each pupil’s own beliefs are respected and appreciated.