Renowned peace campaigner to be Guest of Honour at Loretto Speech Day and Prize Giving.

Colin Parry is no stranger to Loretto School having visited in 2011 and again in 2013. The Daily Telegraph covered his impending 2013 visit as follows;

“At the invitation of Jonathan Hewat, Director of External Affairs at Loretto School, on Friday, 1st February 2013, Colin Parry will pay a visit three Scottish Schools in East Lothian – Loretto School, Musselburgh Grammar School and Belhaven Hill in Dunbar - to mark the 20th anniversary of his son's murder.

During his visit, Colin will speak to scores of young people about his work supporting victims of terrorism, enabling them to use their traumatic experiences to do something positive and to move forward with their lives.

He will encourage young people to turn away from violence, and work to build stronger communities without prejudice and discrimination.

Colin first visited Scotland in 2011 to deliver the prestigious Loretto Lecture.

Jonathan Hewat, Director of External Affairs at Loretto School commented, "None of the youngsters Colin will be addressing were born when his son was murdered by the IRA in 1993. Sadly, we have seen a recent flare-up of hostilities in Northern Ireland so Colin's visit comes at an appropriate time.

There is no doubting Colin's ability as an inspirational networker and communicator and the young people will enthralled and inspired by his determination, courage and inspiration following the murder of his son, Tim. As an example, Colin insisted on meeting the IRA leaders soon after his son's murder, to simply ask 'why?' and then set about doing all that he possibly could to ensure no other family went through the living hell that his had to endure."

"Colin is in much demand and is only in Scotland for a short period of time. I would ask that if there are anyone who would like the chance to meet Colin to contact me and we can attempt to arrange a meeting.”

Press and media - please contact Mr Jonathan Hewat, Director of Communications, Loretto School. E:


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