Saturday Morning Early Years Music School.

The Saturday Morning Early Years Music School is undergoing a restructure.

From the start of Spring Term 2018, we would like to offer more one to one music lessons, as well as extra musicianship classes added to the current format of 30-minute group lessons covering Recorder, Violin, Singing and Percussion.

The Saturday Morning Early Years Music School is open to all Primary 1-3 aged children and will continue to run from 9.15am to 12.15pm. Pupils can come in for an instrumental lesson alone, or stay for the whole morning.

Instrumental lessons for Years 1-3 are only available on Saturday Mornings as they are unable to leave lessons in school Monday to Friday.

The instruments we can offer are - Piano, Violin, Singing, Percussion, Ukulele and Recorder.

The increase in cost per week has been revised to reflect the addition of Musicianship classes.

Saturday Morning Music from 9.15am-12.15pm - £25 per week

Instrumental lessons - £17.50 per 30-minute lesson

Saturday morning Music plus 1 instrumental lesson - £32.50 per week

Saturday Morning Music plus 2 instrumental lessons - £45 per week

In order to have staff in place for Spring Term 2018, we would appreciate if you could fill out a short questionnaire.

Application forms will be sent out and posted on the web site in due course.

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