Saturday Music


The Saturday Morning Early Years Music School is open to all children in Years 1-3 and runs from 9.15am to 12.15pm. Pupils can come in for a one to one instrumental lesson alone, or stay for the whole morning to receive group lessons on Recorder, Violin, Singing, Percussion and Musicianship.

Instrumental lessons for Years 1-3 are only available on Saturday Mornings as they are unable to leave lessons in school Monday to Friday.

The instruments we can offer one to one lesson on are - Piano, Violin, Singing, Percussion, Ukulele and Recorder.

If you have any questions regarding Saturday Music, please email

Saturday Morning Music from 9.15am-12.15pm - £25 per week

Instrumental lessons - £17.50 per 30-minute lesson

Saturday morning Music plus 1 instrumental lesson - £32.50 per week

Saturday Morning Music plus 2 instrumental lessons - £45 per week

In order to have staff in place for Spring Term 2018, we would appreciate if you could fill out a short questionnaire.