Frequently Asked Questions

What is the staff ratio?
The staff ratio is around one staff member to 10 golfers.

Which nationalities come to the golf camp?

Our golf camps welcome golfers from across the world, this includes Spain, Italy, Hong Kong and the UK.

What are the ages of the golfers at the camp?
We have golfers from age 10 through to 17.

How many golfers do you have at the camp?
We have around 60 golfers per week.

How are the groups spilt at the camp?
During the booking process, you will be asked if your child has a handicap. Golfers are spilt by age and ability.

Is there any accommodation for parents at the school?
Unfortunately, we don’t have parents accommodation on site. If you would like to stay in the local area, please contact, we can pass on a list of local accommodation.

Can I hire trollies at the golf club?
Trollies are available to hire at most of the courses and cost between £3 and £5. Electric trollies are also available at most courses and can be rent through Loretto. You can add this to your booking by contacting

How much spending money would you suggest to bring?
We would advise that all children bring approximately £100 per week for extra snacks, trolley hire and the purchasing of souvenirs or golf shop merchandise. However, this is completely at your own discretion. All children will be in charge of their own pocket
money but we will run a house bank allowing them to keep money in our safe and take money out at their convenience.

Do you allow mobile phones at the camp?
Yes, we allow mobile phone at the camp but children are responsible to look after the items.

Do you accept UK childcare vouchers for the camp?
Yes, we accept childcare vouchers for the camp. If you would like to pay with childcare vouchers, please email

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer a sibling discount.

Can my child share a room with their friend who is also attending the camp? We try our best but it is not always possible. If you would like you child to share a room with a friend, please let us know as soon as possible.

Do you have a laundry service at the camp?
We do have washing machines, the children are able to use with help from our boarding house staff.