Senior School Fees

2017-2018 Senior School Fees and Charges

Fees are charged termly, in advance, chargeable extras in arrears. Terms- Autumn (September), Spring (December), Summer (April).

Loretto Senior School fees are as inclusive as possible and extras are kept to a minimum. The day fee includes tuition, numerous activities at School, internet access, morning and afternoon snack, three-course lunch and three-course dinner for pupils staying for activities, games and prep. The boarding fee includes all of the above plus breakfast, supper, healthcare and laundry.

In reaching its decision on fee scales, the Board of Governors has had to balance a number of important considerations to ensure that the School is able to continue to invest in its people and infrastructure in order to maintain the high standard of education parents expect.  Considerable work has been undertaken, and continues to be undertaken, to optimise our resourcing processes and decisions to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money. 

The Board of Governors continues to focus on investing in improvements to the campus and facilities for the benefit of pupils.  For the year ahead (2017/18) we will see the completion of the Holm House refurbishment project which includes upgrades to the bedrooms, bathrooms, fire systems, lighting, floor coverings and redecoration throughout, along with a fully fitted new kitchen to provide cooking facilities for the girls.  

The Art and Maths building is being re-roofed in order to cure long-standing problems with leaks, which provides us with the opportunity to insulate the roof and replace the slate tiles previously coated in bitumen.  

The Sports Hall will be refurbished during summer 2017 and we continue a rolling programme of upgrading our IT systems to Windows 10 and Office 2016 along with our internet and Wi-Fi.

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Senior School Day Flexi (3 Nights) Boarding
Form 3 to Upper 6th £7,625.00 £9,300.00 £11,200.00
House Subscriptions £11.50 £22.50 £22.50
Overnighting - Leave Weekend     £140.00
Additional in house per Night   £55.00  
Form 2 £5,550.00 £6,200.00 £7,300.00
House Subscriptions £8.00 £22.50 £22.50
Overnighting - Leave Weekend     £140.00
Additional in house per Night   £55.00  


Golf Academy - Annual Fees
Senior Squad (Form 5 and 6) £2,000.00
Development Squad (Up to Form 4) £1,000.00


ESL Fees
Time Allocation Cost Autumn Term

Cost SpringTerm

Cost Summer Term
5 Lessons per week £715.00 £605.00 £550.00
4 Lessons per week £572.00 £484.00 £440.00
3 Lessons per week £429.00 £363.00 £330.00
2 Lessons per week £286.00 £242.00 £220.00
1 Lessons per week £143.00 £121.00 £110.00
One to One Tuition £30 per lesson £30 per lesson £30 per lesson


Sibling Discounts
Sibling discounts are available, as below, providing all children are attending Loretto at the same time. The sibling discounts rates changed in September 2013 but these changes do not affect existing parents.
1st Child Nil
2nd Child 5%
3rd Child 20%
4th Child 50%


Chargeable Extras
Music Standard Charge Per Half Hour Lesson £17.50
Hire of School Instruments (Including Piano Usage) Per Term £20.00
School Bus Run Fee per Term £290.00
School Bus Run Fee for Saturdays £65.00
School Bus Run Ad Hoc per trip £10.00
Public Examinations as charges by relevant examination board
School trips will be paid in advance of the trip taking place


Registration Fee £50.00
School Fees are invoiced termly
Meals are included in all Fees 
Pupils' Personal Effects Insurance is included in all Fees
Life membership of The Lorettonian Society is included in the Senior School Fees


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