Silvia Feria

Teacher of Modern Languages, House Assistant – Holm

Born in Madrid, Silvia gained a BA(Hons) degree in English Philology at the University of Cádiz, supplemented by  work placements in the UK through the prestigious Socrates exchange programme. She completed a CAP (Spanish Post Graduate Diploma) in Secondary School Teaching through the University of Madrid and began her Loretto career in 2000. She now teaches Spanish and French.

Silvia has worked as an Associate Lecturer in Spanish at the Open University for eight years and supports the running of both Holm and Balcarres Houses.

Silvia lives in Musselburgh and credits the Edinburgh placement of undergraduate studies with her later marriage to a Scotsman. With two sons, Oliver and Nico, she plays a key role in a local Children's Spanish Group.

Her free time includes family cycling outings and low level hill walking. She also enjoys poetry reading and writing, and European art house cinema.