Competitive and Successful Teams

Sport plays a vital role in the life of pupils at our boarding school in Scotland.  Loretto has a long tradition of producing competitive and successful teams in both major and minor sports. 

The School believes in the unique educational and social values that experience of playing team sports provides, and considers participation in team sports to be very important.   As a small school everyone is encouraged to represent the School in the major sports teams.

A variety of individual sports also flourish to provide all pupils with the opportunity to participate in as many activities as possible laying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

Loretto has set the standard for excellence in Scotland with the Golf Academy and Cricket Department.


Loretto regularly produces representatives of National and District age grade squads in Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse and Cricket. 


Loretto has a strong team of dedicated sports coaches amongst the teaching staff which it supplements with external sports coaching from visiting professionals.

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