Supporting bursaries

Widen access to Loretto through means-tested bursaries

We know that there are many parents who would like their child(ren) to benefit from a Loretto education, but the fees can be too great a commitment.

At Loretto, we believe a bespoke, all-round education should be available to children of all social backgrounds. We are also convinced that children on bursaries make a significant contribution towards life at Loretto and their ability and determination to achieve will help inspire and encourage others to achieve their potential.

Last year alone we were able to assist about 80 families by awarding means tested bursaries. There are three ways you can help us increase the number of bursaries we can offer. 

Named Bursary

Support one specific pupil, through a 100% means tested bursary for the duration of his/her time at Loretto enabling that child to complete both GCSE and ‘A’ Level Public examinations.   In return for your support the Bursary could be named after you, or that of someone you would like to nominate.

Sixth Form Bursary

Support a pupil, through a 100% means tested bursary, through Sixth Form helping that pupil achieve their maximum potential at ‘A’ Level.

The School’s Bursary Fund

Every penny donated toward the fund will help us to increase the number of children we are able to assist.  We ask you to consider a donation at whatever sum you feel comfortable at giving – we can assure you that you will be helping a child to gain the very best education possible – a truly life changing experience!

Help us widen access to Loretto:

Click here to download our Universal Giving Form if you wish to make a gift. For further information please contact our Head of Operations at