The Jesters Club Edinburgh annual Rugby Fives weekend.

We were delighted to welcome the Jesters Club touring team to the Roger Whait Five Courts at Loretto School for their annual Rugby Fives weekend.

A number of matches were played over the weekend and it proved to be a most intensive, enjoyable, sporting and social couple of days.

The matches were played against combinations from the four schools who have courts (Edinburgh Academy, Fettes, Loretto and Merchiston Castle). 

  • What is Fives?

Fives is an English sport believed to derive from the same origins as many racquet sports. In fives, a ball is propelled against the walls of a 3- or 4-sided special court, using a gloved or bare hand as though it were a racquet, similarly to hand-pelota.

  • Fives at Loretto School.

Loretto has a strong tradition in this sport. In recent years players have been British Champions in both Singles and Doubles at U16 and Open Schools’ levels. Skill development is overseen by one of the few Level 2 Coaches in the UK. Practice sessions take place during the afternoon and are open to all years, all standards and both boys and girls. Very few pupils have played this sport before they arrive at Loretto and there is a tradition of the better players coaching and, indeed, playing with the less experienced. The two newer courts are widely regarded as having some of the best playing characteristics in Britain.

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