The Loretto Red Jacket may not be very helpful during a game of hide-and-seek, but....

Loretto became known throughout Britain during the formative headmastership of Dr Hely Hutchinson Almond (1862-1903). Soon after taking over as Headmaster, Almond turned his attention to a school uniform (There does not seem to have been such a thing as a Loretto uniform before this under the Langhornes). When Almond came he immediately decided that a uniform would be good for morale and would encourage a feeling of belonging to a community. He had little difficulty in choosing what it should be, for he always liked bright colours and strong contrasts. Pale blue was not for him, so he went to the other extreme and selected scarlet and white. ‘Loretto Red’ was born.

The Loretto Red Jacket is treasured and worn with pride by many generations of Lorettonians. 

We will leave the final word(s) to the first verse from the song, ‘The Old Red Coat’, composed in 1895. It went like this – 

‘The Old Red Coat is a glorious sight,

Then a song to the praise of the Scarlet and White.

Far better than brown, or magenta, or blue,

To the Red of Loretto we’ll always be true.’

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