The ultimate hipster attire?

No, this is not the new attire for the Loretto Golf Academy, rather the ultimate hipster set-up for the recent World Hickory Open taking place in East Lothian on Scotland's Golf Coast. We had a team of five pupils taking part and, as you can see, they were ready for action!

While most golfers pride themselves on using the latest whiz-bang equipment, deep within the Scottish countryside a very different tournament is taking place - one where the players are happily swinging antiques.

In fact, anyone watching the World Hickory Open Championship could be forgiven for thinking they'd stumbled 100 years back in time.

It's not just the old-fashioned equipment; wooden-shafted clubs that date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries , but also the clothes: the players trek across this dramatic landscape dressed in plus fours for the men and long skirts for the women.

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