UCAS and career guidance

Loretto provides a dedicated team of experts who will help students to select and gain a place at their preferred University. Individual assistance is provided for University preparation and applications, interview techniques and CV writing.  Every Sixth Former has individual meetings with their Tutor and the Higher Education Advisers to discuss University Courses and their personal statements for University applications. Representatives from the best Scottish Universities visit the school regularly to offer general and specific advice to supplement our own expertise. We also arrange annual Careers Fairs and talks from successful Professionals to provide pupils with information, advice and targets for their futures. Approximately one-third of our Leavers choose to broaden their minds by taking a Gap Year. As you would expect, these pupils continue to be advised by the Careers Team and benefit from visiting talks from respected Gap Year and Charities firms.

Fostering Initiative and Independence

At Loretto we aim to prepare pupils for adult life by fostering initiative and independence. In an increasingly competitive educational and professional environment, we help pupils to make the best decisions about their future, to find the most appropriate courses, universities and jobs, and ensure that they are aware of the skills and qualifications they will need to achieve their goals.

Guidance Before GCSE Choices

This process needs to begin increasingly early in the lives of pupils, and guidance is given from before GCSE choices are made in order to maximise the options and opportunities open to our students later in life.  Through the highly personal tutorial system on which Loretto prides itself, and the guidance of expert staff who know pupils' strengths and can give the most appropriate advice for subject choices, pupils are encouraged to make the most of their talents and ensure that their choices at GCSE and A level allow them to achieve their goals personally and professionally. 

Lower Sixth Form pupils begin the UCAS process

In the Lower Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to start the UCAS process as early as possible, and as this gathers pace in the Upper Sixth, the team of Sixth Form tutors and the Higher Education and Careers department offer close guidance on choice of course and how to approach the personal statement. Oxbridge candidates, medical and veterinary applicants, and all who expect selection by interview are given a series of practice interviews and extra coaching where appropriate. Further guidance is given for all university entrance tests, the majority of which can be sat in school.

Each Academic Department deepens the pupils’ subject knowledge and fosters a cross-curricular approach to academia. Our high-flying candidates lead the Sixth Form Academic Societies and inspire their peers; for instance, they are expected to research and deliver lectures on their specialist topics, are encouraged to think critically and defend their views. This provides excellent preparation for interviews or applications to the very best of the world’s Universities.