When in Italy...

Italy has been a source of inspiration for many a traveller for centuries. 

From Lord Byron to George Clooney, but was the country ready for its most famous visitors - a group of Year 7 and 2nd Form Loretto pupils? 

The end of the Spring Term saw 40 pupils travel to Italy for a fun-filled five days of activities. 

The group was blessed with glorious sunshine throughout which made their experiences even more enjoyable. 

Herculaneum and Pompeii were fascinating and the group spent hours wandering around looking at the amazing architecture. 

The early start to climb up Mount Vesuvius was well worth it for the breath taking views. 

Leisure time was spent in Sorrento and there was plenty of time to make (and eat!) ice cream as well a bit of souvenir shopping. 

The boys and girls were enthusiastic, happy and great company for the duration! 

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