When in Rome...

Medi reports on the recent History of Art trip to Rome.

‘Bright and early on Friday the 26th of January, nine Sixth Form History of Art pupils excitedly made a trip to Rome, along with Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Scott from the Art Department. 

The weekend was a fantastic experience for us all. We were delighted with the opportunity to see art from around the world, ranging from 5th Century BC Etruscan vases and a 1st Century AD statue of the Emperor Augustus, to modern artwork in the Vatican Museum by Salvador Dali and Henri Matisse.

Every day was packed, allowing us to see much of the city in a short space of time. We were able to stroll through the ruins of the Forum on our very first evening, before visiting the Capitoline Museum and watching a Roman sunset from the museum’s terrace.

The trip was informative to every one of us, as we each had researched specific artworks before leaving Scotland. Therefore, as well as sunny sightseeing, a deep understanding of a wide range of buildings, sculptures and paintings was provided to us all. These works were all central to our A level course. On multiple occasions, we were overwhelmed by the beauty, scale and meaning of the city and its art. For example, the breath-taking St Peter’s Basilica containing Bernini’s Baldachino took us all aback and one stunning Bernini sculpture moved a pupil to tears. On a cultural, educational, and personal level, the trip was invaluable to every pupil involved.’

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